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Genre: Visual novel, ADV, ecchi, yuri, fantasy

Length: 1-2 hours

Young and pretty nymph Pumpkin fell in love with her mistress. Unfortunately it's one-sided love and that is why desperate Pumpkin decides to use charm magic on her.

The heroine will take on adventure through a magical forest inhabited by talking animals, magical creatures in search for the ingredients for a magic love potion. 
The story is filled with humor, nice art, and a share of ecchi stuff and also features multiple endings.

Romance, kisses and incomplete nudity.

Novel by Salamandra:




Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Version 0.0


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Dear 7DOTS games, although it's very abrupt. but I'd like to ask you to let me translate "Sweet fantasy" into Chinese, could you give me the permission? But I can't decode the data, so I hope you to provide the text, if it is possible. You can also reply to me by email, and my email is huayinkanon@yahoo.com. I really hope to get your permission。I may have overlooked a rule of etiquette,. Please understand.